Hotel Owner Assistance Program

Hotel Owners Assistance Program – (HOAP)

Hotel industry has been one of hardest hit industries in this economic downturn. Majority of the owners have seen their investment slide down hill, have lost their equity, revenues have dropped as much as 60% and there is no hope for recovery.

Analysts predict that hotel loan default will intensify in the next two years, and bankruptcies will continue to rise.In past eighteen months we have helped many hotel owners to get out of potentially disastrous situations and in some cases have managed to save some of their equity investment.

Depending on your situation we may be able to do the following:

  • Stop foreclosure lawsuit from being filed against you,
  • Stop creditors lawsuits and judgments
  • Stop tax liens foreclosures
  • Stop claims for liquidated damages
  • Release you from personal guarantees and future liabilities,
  • Bring in fresh equity to stabilize operations and fund over due Capital expenses,
  • Jump start sales and marketing efforts,
  • Restore brand affiliation and franchise status,
  • You may be able to retain some of your equity and may be qualified to continue to manage the hotel

Debtor In Possession Financing

This graph shows hotel investments as percent of GDP from1959 through Q2, 2009

Do not delay, call us to set up a free consultation and perhaps we can help you. Since we are investing our time & money we may not take on all cases. We will select few that have a strong probability for success.

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